Lethbridge Veterinary House Call Service

   Dr. Serghei Galatonov

(403) 331 - 8811

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Lethbridge Veterinary House Call Service is a mobile veterinary clinic providing compassionate and knowledgeable care for your pets in the comfort and safety of your home. Because we come to your home your pets receive the vet’s undivided attention, we may be able to gather additional information on their well being and give you more concise recommendations. We know that your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, are more than just pets, they are part of your family.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in veterinary care. We do not have an office that you can come into however we do have facilities available for surgical and other procedures.
You and your pet will enjoy this visit.



Why house call ?

Our mobile veterinary clinic is designed to serve any pet owner, though the following may find special value in our services:

• Pets anxious at traditional veterinary hospitals (especially cats);
• Multiple pet households/Breeders;
• Busy professionals/parents who want to save themselves the time;
• People seeking a more relaxed or in-depth assessment and veterinary care for their pets at home;
• People with travel or mobility considerations;
• 100% indoor kitties;
• Immune compromised pets;
• Nervous&shy pets stressed by travel. (not suitable for aggressive or highly territorial pets);
• Elderly pets who are not accustomed to or able to easily leave their home;
• Anyone who prefers the convenience of pet care at your home.

By examining your pet in their own environment, they are more relaxed and there is a lower risk to be exposed to diseases.
Lethbridge Veterinary House Call Service
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