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The decision to have your pet euthanased is the most difficult one you will ever need to make in the lifetime of your pet. It is often accompanied by grief, anxiety and guilt at the thought of saying good-bye to one's companion.

This is a sad part of our job, however providing this service we hope to make that final time a little easier on the pet and their family.
Euthanasia is a responsibility we take seriously and reverently. We are able to compassionately release our patients from their discomfort and offer the owners a chance to say good-bye to their companion at peace in the comfort of their own home. They spend their last moments in the arms of those they love, on their favourite bed, blanket or lap. These final moments together are precious and we do our utmost to make those moments calm and serene.
Our service allows you and your pet to be in private, familiar surroundings and to take the time needed for this emotional process.
Euthanasia literally means “gentle death”. Your pet is first sedated by giving an injection under the skin, which takes 5-10 minutes to take effect. During this period, the family can visit with and comfort the pet. After the animal is sedated, an intravenous injection is given which results in loss of consciousness, respiratory depression and cardiac arrest. The procedure is quiet, painless and rapid.
After euthanasia, several options are available. We can arrange private or collective cremation for your pet.
The decision to say goodbye to your pet is always a painful one.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding euthanasia, please contact us.